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Desktop Shortcuts for Kids 5.2.1

This is the VBscript for shortcuts on Windows 10 that open in Edge browser. ‘ Desktop Shortcuts for Kids, for Windows 10 ‘ Robert Knight ‘ bobby@rdknight.net ‘ version 5 – July 2017 ‘ ———————————————————-‘ Option Explicit Dim wscript_shell_object Dim shortcut_working_directory Dim shortcut_save_location Dim shortcut_file_object Dim EXEC Dim ICON Dim DESCRIPTION Set wscript_shell_object = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) shortcut_working_directory =”C:\Windows” shortcut_save_location = wscript_shell_object.SpecialFolders(“Desktop”) Set shortcut_file_object = wscript_shell_object.CreateShortcut(shortcut_save_location & “\” & DESCRIPTION &…
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Desktop Shortcuts for Kids 5.2.2

Desktop Shortcuts for Kids has been updated to a new version.  It now works on any Windows version and launches the Chrome browser.  The Windows 10 edition (5.1) opens the sites in Edge browser.  This one adds Ryan ToysReview and HoneyheartsC channels on YouTube.  It also adds Starfall, Kinder Site, Chateau Meddybemps, and Scholastic’s Clifford the Big Red Dog.