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Try blocks in R for error handling

R scripts halt execution when an error is encountered.  When batch processing this produces situations where the error can not be merely skipped like it could in a .net application with  user involvement. To use Try() blocks for error handling in R, enclose the entire block of code in a try() block. try({ # Do some stuff here png(filename=args[3], width=900, height=300) # some more code here… dev.off() })

Data science work station

As of October 2017, these installations on Cent OS 7 create a functional data science workstation. yum install epel-release yum install ImageMagick yum install python-pip yum install python-devel yum install tkinter yum groupinstall “Development Tools” yum install R pip install –user parsedatetime pip install –user matplotlib pip install –user cython pip install –user scipy pip install –user xlsxwriter pip install –user pystan pip install –user fbprophet from R prompt of the…
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