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Now on Android

Meal Plan and Grocery List maker is now on Android.  It is available from Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The recipes are included in the application. No subscription is necessary.

New Recipe: Linguine in Tomato Sauce
New Recipe: Northern Bean Vegetable Soup
New Recipe: White Bean Soup, which uses great northern beans and cannellini beans.
Photo Update: Chicken, Fruit, and Walnut Salad

The recipes in Meal Plan and Grocery List use low-sodium and no-salt-added on the ingredients and shopping lists.

Meal Plan and Grocery List has a very healthy and helpful new feature.

New recipe: Pasta Primavera.  This is a pasta and vegetables dish.  This particular one uses linguine, broccoli, carrots, green onions, mushrooms, snow peas, and some other great ingredients.

New Mode:  No Dairy.  The License agreement still applies, and this is not nutrition advice.  This filters out dairy inclusive recipes, but it is still the responsibility of the customer to know if an ingredient has dairy.  Excluded recipes include components such as ranch dressing, yogurt, cheese, and milk.  This is not yet compatible with Meatless selections, but that is in progress.  That will allow easy meatless dairy free meal planning, while maintaining the complexity and presentation of better dishes.
Meatless and No Dairy at the same time is in progress, and should allow for some interesting whole natural food meal plans with only a couple of clicks.

Meal Plan and Grocery List

Meal Plan and Grocery List demo version is available at https://www.robertknight.io.

· New Recipe: Turkey Portobello Pasta
· New Recipe: Italian Turkey Sausage Soup
· New Recipe: Italian Beef Stew
· New Recipe: Chicken, Fruit, and Walnut Salad
· New Recipe: Zucchini strips with Sauce
· Photos updated: Greek Hero
· Photos updated: Chicken and Pesto Wraps
· Photos updated: Mediterranean Fettucini

The “Release Notes” item under the “Help” menu now loads the release notes archive on the main website rather than linking to the category of published notes on the personal website.

Roadmap: Sandwiches with the option to include a soup during the planning phase.  Since the sandwiches are high quality, selecting this option will increase preparation time.

Meal Plan and Grocery List

Meal Plan and Grocery List Maker is moving right along.  There are now more recipes and photos, like this lovely Rueben coleslaw sandwich.  Of course, there aren’t just sandwiches, there are complete dishes that don’t involve two pieces of bread.  The goal is to have a great variety of tasty dinners with preparation time dropped to minimum.  This particular version has personally cooked and sliced corned beef rather than deli-sliced corn beef.  Deli-sliced corned beef is difficult to find.  This is one of the recipes available at launch time.

Peanut, Carrot, and Asparagus Pasta is included in this update, but it is a very difficult recipe when it comes to presentation.  We also find Chicken Marsala and an excellent Greek Hero sandwich.


The release notes are temporarily appearing on this site until the official site is operational.

Version introduces pictures.
The recipes now look cards, and can be viewed more than one at a time.

The application checks for updates at launch.  Select “Yes” to update.

Check updates anytime via the help menu.

Meal Plan and Grocery List update

Meal Plan and Grocery list automates one of the most time-consuming tasks that people face.  Plannning healthy complex dinners, and building the shopping lists.  This software focuses on easy of use.  Simply press the button to plan, and a unique seven meal plan appears.  If one item is disliked, press the orange circle to reload that particular day only.  Click the recipe itself for the directions, which use chef-friendly measurements, such as teaspoons, and tablespooons (Pictures are available for some recipes, and will be further available as time progresses).  Click the Shopping list button for a printable shopping list with ounce measurements for purchasing the minimum components required.  This entire list, when purchased to specifications (serves 3-5), can be purchased for less than $100 due to not overbuying, thanks to specifcations on the actual quantities needed.  The time that previously took hours of planning, and compiling lists, is now reduced to an hour of shopping time – even less if the ingredients are ordered online and picked up.  The dinners are now signficantly better too!

For software as a service purposes, the application connects to a server to verify license status.

Meal Plan and Grocery Lists for life

I’m tired of getting laid off. I’ve been downsized so much its not even funny.  It is hard to get new jobs.  One time, I applied to 500 jobs before getting any.  My family managed to stay right at median income, and still had to pay for years daycare out of pocket.  I have to try and make an independent software business.  If not this, then investment software for use in house is an option as I work whatever I can find.  This app is disruptive.  I’ve had a rough year, or two or three, and don’t have the code signing certificate yet, or there would already be an initial release.  All in good time.  I am thinking that it’s going to ship with 25 recipes to start using a software as a service model.

This is the biggest life saver ever.  I am working diligently on the application that will save hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, while increasing everyone’s food quality.  This is Meal Plan and Grocery List Maker.  It will pull recipes from a library, and with the push of two buttons, we have an entire meal plan for a week, and a fully functional ready to use shopping list.  We can just print the shopping list, and check the boxes as the items are purchased in the store, or added to the online cart.