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Osmhic Calculator shareware

Osmhic Calculator 2.2 is now released.  This is fully-featured shareware.  This includes update-capability and is now an ongoing project.  This application first appeared on Windows Desktop a few years ago, and fell by the wayside.  A basic version of Osmhic Calculator is also included in the Windows store for Desktop and Mobile. Download Osmhic- and start getting better insight today.

Osmhic Calculator 2.2 initial release

Osmhic 2.2 release notes: Added Purchase request screen and modified graphical interface to show all information regardless of version. This converts the application to fully-featured shareware instead of a demo. Download Osmhic- and run the setup program.

STEM jobs in the United States

The number of science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM, jobs in the United States, shrank for the past three decades,1982-2012. The draw-down accelerated from 2000-2012. The highest occupational growth occurred among occupations with soft skills, with K-12 teaching and non-doctor health care support staff, such as nurses, technicians, and therapists. From 2000-2012, those in the physical sciences, such as chemistry, physics, and others, biological scientists, and engineers saw decreases…
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2016-2017 Federal Aid Eligible in Warren County Kentucky

Here are the schools in Warren County, including both the county and independent school district, ranked by the number of low-income students for the school year ended in June 2017.  Eligible does not necessarily indicate poverty in relation to assets.  It refers to monthly dollar earnings, as expressed in the different occupational make up of the parents, which make the child eligible for assistance dollars for things such as…
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