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    1. That is not presently a feature in the app. I’ve struggled to find ways to monetize the app. I thought about setting up a Patreon or something where people could subscribe and I would add their preferred recipes to the app. There’s no financial incentive to remodel the app to allow custom user recipe input because through all price changes and variations people simply won’t purchase it. I do plan an update in the future to add more recipes. I built this for me during a time when I could afford good groceries. I anticipate such a time in the future and will probably want more recipes. I fell into the working poor and so my ideas of good meals and making software and getting a job as a software developer fell by the wayside.

      Even building apps doesn’t qualify as something to get a permanent software development jobs. It’s terrible. Don’t believe that old #learntocode, because I am here to tell you that it doesn’t work, at all. It doesn’t even help.

      If you send a recipe or two you would like included I might put them in there for you. I have the new application architecture planned out, but it’s not at the top of the priority list, and until my economic situation improves that’s not likely to change. It will change to a higher priority if I get a higher income. The new website tact is accepting my low income and regional deprivation and discerning why that economy is horrible for me and where another economy theoretically isn’t. The previous website tact was trying to get a DevOps job or marketing my own apps. Now the website is a coping skill rather than a marketing tool.

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