As an MBA graduate from Western Kentucky University, and a software developer with additional statistics course work, I can create advanced math automation to build dashboards and business intelligence information.A perfect use for this skill set is taking a weekly emailed report of company data, and producing a dashboard with important information such as performance metrics at a glance.

Consider increasing your competitive advantage by taking advantage of this service. I love writing software and building websites, administering systems, and doing math. I want your business, and will work hard and be trustworthy. OPEX pricing. I want to help you gain efficiencies that increase your bottom line immediately!

I will host the website, market it, provide reports, furnish updates. More advanced marketing available such as with Google Ad words, Bing Ads, and Amazon Ad networks to help ensure products get top spot on search results. The Adage is that one can have 2 out of three with better, faster, and cheaper. I offer better, and cheaper, and you will get a reliable locally developed solution using standards that can be maintained by others if you decide to change relationships. Software is built in an ongoing agile release format updated to add the functionality needed.

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Best rate web development, management information technology services, and cloud solutions for small business. I can take weekly emailed report spreadsheets and build automated solutions to create graphic dashboards. This gives the insight of a business intelligence analyst without the cost. Software development on Web, Windows, Linux, and Mobile Platforms. Private apps in the Windows app store to show your own dashboard exclusively to you, or information to your employees. Complete websites. Specializing in car dealerships with easy solution. Email the photo and details of the car, and the site will be updated overnight. Sites where your staff can add and delete content. Online Marketing with Advertisements and detailed reports.

Veteran owned business.