Meal Plan and Grocery Lists for life

I’m tired of getting laid off. I’ve been downsized so much its not even funny.  It is hard to get new jobs.  One time, I applied to 500 jobs before getting any.  My family managed to stay right at median income, and still had to pay for years daycare out of pocket.  I have to try and make an independent software business.  If not this, then investment software for use in house is an option as I work whatever I can find.  This app is disruptive.  I’ve had a rough year, or two or three, and don’t have the code signing certificate yet, or there would already be an initial release.  All in good time.  I am thinking that it’s going to ship with 25 recipes to start using a software as a service model.

This is the biggest life saver ever.  I am working diligently on the application that will save hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, while increasing everyone’s food quality.  This is Meal Plan and Grocery List Maker.  It will pull recipes from a library, and with the push of two buttons, we have an entire meal plan for a week, and a fully functional ready to use shopping list.  We can just print the shopping list, and check the boxes as the items are purchased in the store, or added to the online cart.


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