Meal Plan and Grocery List update

Meal Plan and Grocery list automates one of the most time-consuming tasks that people face.  Plannning healthy complex dinners, and building the shopping lists.  This software focuses on easy of use.  Simply press the button to plan, and a unique seven meal plan appears.  If one item is disliked, press the orange circle to reload that particular day only.  Click the recipe itself for the directions, which use chef-friendly measurements, such as teaspoons, and tablespooons (Pictures are available for some recipes, and will be further available as time progresses).  Click the Shopping list button for a printable shopping list with ounce measurements for purchasing the minimum components required.  This entire list, when purchased to specifications (serves 3-5), can be purchased for less than $100 due to not overbuying, thanks to specifcations on the actual quantities needed.  The time that previously took hours of planning, and compiling lists, is now reduced to an hour of shopping time – even less if the ingredients are ordered online and picked up.  The dinners are now signficantly better too!

For software as a service purposes, the application connects to a server to verify license status.


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