Meal Plan and Grocery List has a very healthy and helpful new feature.

New recipe: Pasta Primavera.  This is a pasta and vegetables dish.  This particular one uses linguine, broccoli, carrots, green onions, mushrooms, snow peas, and some other great ingredients.

New Mode:  No Dairy.  The License agreement still applies, and this is not nutrition advice.  This filters out dairy inclusive recipes, but it is still the responsibility of the customer to know if an ingredient has dairy.  Excluded recipes include components such as ranch dressing, yogurt, cheese, and milk.  This is not yet compatible with Meatless selections, but that is in progress.  That will allow easy meatless dairy free meal planning, while maintaining the complexity and presentation of better dishes.
Meatless and No Dairy at the same time is in progress, and should allow for some interesting whole natural food meal plans with only a couple of clicks.