Frequently Asked Questions

How many recipes are included?

The number will not remain constant as the software includes new recipes within updates.

What are the serving sizes?

The recipes generally target 3-5 servings by default. The servings are typical American sized servings, with approximately 4 ounce servings for meats.

Is this nutritional advice?

No. This is not nutritional advice. Consult your doctor for nutritional advice.

What about Allergies?

Check the recipes for allergy ingredients. These recipes are for fresh food purchased and prepared by the individual.

How many unique meal plans are there?

Millions. It will be possible to eat complex dinners every week and never repeat the same weekly meal plan for an entire life span.

Why do only some recipes contain pictures?

We take the pictures when we prepare and test the dish. Adding each of the pictures will take time.




What kind of support is there?

To get technical support, email the developer.  For Customer service type questions, such as payment card issues, check the customer care section related to this product at Digital River.