Survival/Failure Analysis


This is a quick listing of survival analysis reference material. Mai Zhou at the University of Kentucky wrote Use Software R to do Survival Analysis and Simulation. A tutorial. Statistical tools for high-throughput data analysis, STHDA has an article on Survival Analysis Basics and they also have quite a few other interesting resources on the main site. UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education has an excellent tutorial called Applied Survival Analysis, Chapter 2 | R Textbook Examples. Tableau has a tutorial called Kaplan Meier Survival Test complete solution (without R). The International Association for Human Resource Information Management, IHIRM, produced a very interesting document on managing employee attrition using survival analysis in Pasha Robert’s article called The CFO and CHRO Guide to Employee AttritionPasha’s article is a must read because it includes details on the use of hazard curves and it provides excellent information. Gordon A. Fox, of the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of South Florida, has a great writeup on Failure time analysis, the engineering name for the same technique. His article contains great analysis of multiple methods of analysis and their benefits and drawbacks.  Professor David Madigan of Columbia University has a great presentation called Introduction to Survival Analysis.  He specifically refers to the Kaplan-Meier product-limit estimator, which is discussed in detail in the Tableau documentation.  Professor Madigan’s guide uses R. Rafael Hidalgo Gonzalez has a great in depth look at the history survival/failure analysis and includes historical methods in addition to modern methods.  He provides data and the formulas for how to use them.  Stat soft has an online book about statistics and they include a lesson survival/failure time analysis. Chris Short also wrote an article on survival curves in Tableau for HR data.

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