Focus Taker ID comes in four versions.  A single purchase includes them all.

There are versions with update capability, and all updates are included in the purchase price.  There are also standalone copies without update capability.  It is the same software.  The standalone versions may not match the update-capable versions in features. There are not separate versions for trial and registered versions. Once the serial numbers is entered, any of the copies will work completely for it’s features.  The ones that have update features require Internet access to use.  When purchasing the software, the version of software delivered is the standalone version.  The update versions must be downloaded from this site.

32-bit, with update feature: Click here to download setup file.

32-bit, portable, without update feature

File: Focus Taker ID 32-bit.exe
CRC-32: d82bd42e
MD4: 3b0ac13d8d5e7bb5e1b222be9e7f2ea7
MD5: 4ae9e467bfa043cfc63124b567ff21f6
SHA-1: 3130dd6ee64534d4fc5ed7696713d7ebbed6682d
Focus Taker ID 32-bit-2018-06-14-005425

64-bit, with update feature: Click here to download setup file.

64-bit, portable, without update feature

File: Focus Taker ID 64-bit.exe
CRC-32: 3560a8c8
MD4: a4dfe9849dc678e941ab78bb804b6601
MD5: a5c41787c619a729d8a43f8c263da7b5
SHA-1: 4ac424125adcacb8a4d9ff5d9e142780956a30cd
Focus Taker ID 64-bit-2018-06-14-005422