Open the program and create a complete meal plan with complex dishes and a ready grocery list in only two clicks.

Meal Plan and Grocery List Maker saves hundreds of hours of work every year. With a single push of a button, a complete meal plan of complex dishes appears and a shopping list is ready.

It begins with a simple screen with a “Plan!” button. Clicking this button reveals the meal plan for the week.

Easy to use

The “Shopping List” button opens a shopping list for the week. The shipping list has all measurements displayed in ounces for purchasing the required quantity in the grocery store. The recipes themselves show chef-friendly kitchen measurements using tablespoons, teaspoons, and others.


Combined Shopping List

To change a recipe, click the orange circle to the left of the recipe name and day.

Recipe Card

Click the name of the recipe to view it. When it’s time prepare the meal, open the program, and click the “Tools” menu, and open the recipe viewer and view the recipe again.

This application will take boring dinner times and make preparing and eating them fun. It will take the time spent selecting recipes, compiling ingredients, and building shopping lists to almost zero