Economically Disadvantaged Parents in the Barren River Area Development District

Kentucky parents were experiencing increasing levels of hardship despite the economic recovery since 2009.  The proportion of children considered economically disadvantaged by federal standards was up significantly over the course of the prior five years.  It was a counter-recovery narrative for many families. This chart shows the percentage of students that qualify for federal lunch subsidies.  Enrollments were almost flat over the same period which implies that the parents were experiencing deteriorating economic situations.  Curious observations from the data include that Allen County seems counter-cyclical to the rest.  Simpson County has also followed an interesting pattern that merits further observation.

Areas of further inquiry:

  1. Why is Simpson County so cyclical?
  2. Why did Metcalfe County experience such a sharp decrease last year?
  3. What are the variances and standard deviations on these?



Data Source: Kentucky Educational Data 2013-2018

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