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France-based Qwant search

Qwant is a great search engine based in France.  It has a modern look at search and treats all results the same without bias.  Privacy is protected by European data privacy laws.  This is a search addition for browsers so that the engine can be set as default search in Mozilla or Microsoft browsers.  As of this writing, Qwant does not appear in Google Chrome or Firefox as an automatically found search engine.   This XML file allows the use of Qwant in any browser except the latest versions of Chrome.  In those browsers, the search engine must be manually added from the settings screen by typing in the code.  It seems that Google has disallowed the use of XML search engine additions.

Qwant Search “ Qwant” accelerator/search. [IE 7+]

Now on iOS

Meal Plan and Grocery List is now available in the Apple App Store.  The app is free and contains no adds at present.  I have been working for several years toward getting a software development job.  The program is free for that purpose.  This version includes a new recipe selector for adding to the meal plan.


Desktop Shortcuts for Kids, new for 2019

Desktop Shortcuts for Kids is now available with an update facility for new shortcuts.  It works on multiple platforms and the shortcuts can be created for Edge, Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.  The shortcuts will open the website in the preferred browser regardless of default browser settings.

Simply choose the Browser and click the “Add Shortcuts to Desktop” button.  Delete any unused shortcuts.  This version has YouTube, ABC Mouse, Nick Jr. CBC Kids, Adapted Mind Math, DreamBox,  and Splash Math


It creates icons like this on the desktop.  If you would like to have a website added for easily adding icons to your child’s computer, email the developer, use the contact page and request it.


. The latest build’s prerequisite page is here.

Firewall Button for LAN Gaming

Quick and easy tool to enable and disable the Windows 10 firewall. This is ideal for playing LAN games such as Minecraft which use changing port numbers.  It’s also useful for other LAN games so that in-depth troubleshooting is not required prior to having fun. Simply open the program and enable or disable the firewall.  Remember to Enable the firewall once more when done playing the game.  This is a great tool for children playing LAN games with changing ports.


Download FirewallButton by clicking here.

Now on Android

Meal Plan and Grocery List maker is now on Android.  It is available from Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The recipes are included in the application. No subscription is necessary.


Better Update Browser shareware

Better Update Browser is now updates capable.

The first two releases of this application did not allow updates because the updates facility that I use does not allow administrator access.  To bypass this, there is now a peculiarity.  Install the application as normal.  Then open it, and then click the close button to exit the program.  Upon clicking the exit button, the application will ask you if you want to run it as administrator.  Click yes, to open the elevated permissions version.



Osmhic Calculator shareware

Osmhic Calculator 2.2 is now released.  This is fully-featured shareware.  This includes update-capability and is now an ongoing project.  This application first appeared on Windows Desktop a few years ago, and fell by the wayside.  A basic version of Osmhic Calculator is also included in the Windows store for Desktop and Mobile.

Download Osmhic- and start getting better insight today.

Meal Plan and Grocery List shareware

The application now shows nag screens, but otherwise has full features available in all modes.

New Recipe: Black Bean Zucchini Cheese Queso Wraps.
This is a meatless, and no dairy recipe, with a zucchini cheese, which isn’t really cheese, but a food made from zucchini’s that behaves like cheese.

Partial New Feature:
Graphic Interface now includes elements for sequential recipe scrolling for single day recipe selection.  This is in addition to the random cycling previously available.  The actual scrolling ability will present itself in a future update.



Latest setup.exe is available and the latest version number and system requirements are available on the most recent build page.