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Better Update Browser

After clicking “Scan” the software will appear to hang for a long time.  This is normal.  For future development, I hope to add a status indicator that shows what is going on.  For now, let it sit there hung until results appear in the list.  After some time, the list will populate.


Better-Update-Browser- with update capability.

Better Update Browser-portable portable application only, without update capability.

Better Update Browser, improved

Better Update Browser has been improved.  It now has a digital signature, and doesn’t require clicking so many boxes.  The purpose is selecting updates based on severity or bulletin number and manually installing.

To install an update, click the “Check Install” box in the upper right, and click the “Install” button with the update selected in the list. After confirming that the installation is desired, click okay, and then it will download and install it the update without further clicks required.  The previous version required confirmations

Version 1.0.6652, released 19 March, 2018.

Recipe Viewer
Recipe List and Viewer.  When it’s time to prepare the meal, open the application, check Tools Menu and the “View  list for it, and click “View Recipe”.


Select the desired recipe and click the “View Recipe” button.