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Firewall Button for LAN Gaming

Quick and easy tool to enable and disable the Windows 10 firewall. This is ideal for playing LAN games such as Minecraft which use changing port numbers.  It’s also useful for other LAN games so that in-depth troubleshooting is not required prior to having fun. Simply open the program and enable or disable the firewall.  Remember to Enable the firewall once more when done playing the game.  This is a great tool for children playing LAN games with changing ports.


Download FirewallButton by clicking here.

Nag Screens Removed

Meal Plan Grocery List now has no Nag Screens.  It is fully functional.  This may change in the future with an update, but not at the present time.  More recipes are on their way into the app.    This will allow complete testing of the software.

· Updated Release Notes menu item to an updated URL.

Updated Installer for

The installer has been updated for a smaller download.  It will now always pull the latest installation files from the website. contains the download file.

Meal Plan and Grocery List

New ability: Scroll through recipes alphabetically


Until now, click the circular recipe button would list recipes in a non-alphabetical order.  Now clicking the green button will scroll through recipes in alphabetical order.  The Circle button still reloads correctly.  The circle buttons select within the meatless/no-dairy criteria, while the green scroll button scrolls through all recipes in alphabetical order.

Visit the shareware page or download below.

Better Update Browser

After clicking “Scan” the software will appear to hang for a long time.  This is normal.  For future development, I hope to add a status indicator that shows what is going on.  For now, let it sit there hung until results appear in the list.  After some time, the list will populate.


Better-Update-Browser- with update capability.

Better Update Browser-portable portable application only, without update capability.

Osmhic Calculator 2.2 initial release

Osmhic 2.2 release notes:
Added Purchase request screen and modified graphical interface to show all information regardless of version. This converts the application to fully-featured shareware instead of a demo.


Download Osmhic- and run the setup program.

Meal Plan and Grocery List

Release notes for 22 May, 2018

Updated pictures:
beef pitas with yogurt sauce,
maple salmon and vegetable medley,
zucchini strips with sauce,
walnut and arugula pasta salad


Meal Plan and Grocery List

Meal Plan and Grocery List

Recipe updates with photos for some of the recipes.  The white bean soup is one of the best vegetable soups ever.

Curried Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad
Greek Hero
Linguine in Tomato Sauce
Northern Bean Vegetable Soup
Turkey Portobella Pasta
White Bean Soup
Italian Beef Stew

Fixes: Walnut and Arugula Pasta Salad ingredients for shopping list

Two excellent vegetable soups!

Meal Plan and Grocery List



Meal Plan and Grocery List latest update includes photos for vegetable fajitas and beef sandwiches au jus.

Search Helper Updated

Application update includes Ecosia in place of Qrobe, and the addition of Program Creek.
Osmhic Search Helper: