France-based Qwant search

Qwant is a great search engine based in France.  It has a modern look at search and treats all results the same without bias.  Privacy is protected by European data privacy laws.  This is a search addition for browsers so that the engine can be set as default search in Mozilla or Microsoft browsers.  As of this writing, Qwant does not appear in Google Chrome or Firefox as an automatically found search engine.   This XML file allows the use of Qwant in Firefox and Internet Explorer.  In Chrome the browser can be added manually from the settings screen.  Multiple browsers including Chrome and Safari only allow search engine addition via browser addons that require permissions to change numerous settings.  In the old days a simple link and XML file would allow it.  This is one case in which progress for progress’ sake is a step backward.  The linked XML file will allow Qwant in Firefox and Internet Explorer with no addons required.

Qwant Search “ Qwant” accelerator/search. [IE 7+]


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