AMD black screen on Linux

The AMD Radeon HD 5770 PCIe card causes difficulty when installation Linux. The screen turns black very quickly and the monitor displays the no signal message on the DVI input. There are several sources that say to set a the boot parameter acpi_osi in Grub .1, 2 Even though ACPI 3 was available in 2005, newer systems often support version 1 or version 2.3 ACPI 1 and 2 specified _OS as a string that shows the operating system. ACPI 3 specified OSI. Many BIOS still use _OS. It is acpi_os=Linux, not acpi_osi=Linux that resolves the high fan speed and black screen issue with AMD cards and fan speeds on legacy chip sets. This may not work in all instances.It seems that some BIOS configuration need _OS rather than _OSI.

Add this to the boot parameters in the file
/etc/default/grub and
rebuild the boot menu via grub2-mkconfig -o

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