I have been blogging and using WordPress since 2002. In the early days of blogging, the blog-roll was one of the most useful features on a blog. This site has one.  Cosmic Variance prior to its acquisition by Discover Magazine was one  of the best blogs of all time and used a theme similar to the one on this site.  The theme is dated and that is all right with me.  It’s an old way, and I find rest for my soul by walking in it.

This site began with some technical goals in mind.  I found myself stuck on the edge economically with no way off.  Work, education, none of it mattered.  I encountered malevolence from multiple directions and sources that destroyed my escape and trans-generational economic survival plan. I can’t go back in time and learn a different trade.  The apps I made never helped me get a job.  The constant learning left no job security. The perpetual grind for information technology advancement resulted in handfuls of nothing.  I built a beautiful software system to analyze trades and it works, and malevolence even took my capital from me. And so responsibility remains.